About Air Curtain Technology

Terms and Conditions
The guarantee commences from the date of purchase and is only valid from an authorised stockist.

We reserve the right to reject any claim or make a charge for any visit where the cause of the defect is due to non-compliance with the installation and/or servicing instructions or misuse of the appliance. We may also reject any claim which may

If a repair is chargeable during the warranty period, we will inform you and where possible, provide a quote or price guide before starting work.  We cannot always give a firm cost until we commence the repair as it is not always possible to identify which components have been damaged.

Repaired or replaced products are covered only for the remainder of the original guarantee period and the guarantee period will not be extended even if we repair or replace any product or part.
If we replace any component or product, the component or product removed will become our property.

We will not accept or reimburse the cost(s) of any third party who undertakes any work carried out on the product or fits parts, unless we have approved such work in advance of it being carried out.

The Manufacturer’s guarantee does not apply to:

Damaged caused by faulty installation, theft, tampering, neglect, misuse, normal wear and tear, accident, fire, flood, explosion, lightning, storms, frost or other bad weather conditions.
Damage caused by the non-observance of the Manufacturer’s Installation Instructions.
Any unauthorised adjustments made to the product by a third party.
Servicing and its associated costs.
Self-maintenance tasks such as cleaning.

How do I make a claim?
Firstly, report any issues to the retailer who you purchased the fire from. Their expert advice may help resolve any issues you may be experiencing. If you still require to make a claim please forward us the following details to guarantee@britishfires.com

– Full name, address, contact number and email address
– Name of product
– Name of retailer whom you purchased the fire from
– Description of the fault
– Serial number of the appliance
– Proof of purchase if not registered for full 3 years

One of our customer service team will be in contact to resolve the issue


When does my guarantee start?
The date you purchased the fire is the date your guarantee will commence from.
What is not covered by the guarantee?
After the first year, the following items are not covered by the guarantee:
– Glass
– Fuel bed items (logs, crystals, slate)