Offering both the left hand and right hand sides open within a constructed chimney breast. On our example we have shown the fire with a slate topped C section to compliment the fire.

Front Facing

Both the left hand and right hand sides covered and the fire fully recessed with in the chimney breast.

Corner option

There is the option to have only one side covered up and installed into a corner section of a room where this style would suit.



Electric inset fires

At British Fires we are continuously trying to discover new and improved ways to produce inset electric fires. Our aim is always one where quality is the number one aspect to each and every product we design. Inset electric fires uk has always been an exciting range and area of products that we have mastered both on flame effect and heat distribution. Inset electric fires have been considered an older style of focal point which you may find in a dated property…until now. Style meets engineering and a new trend emerges in the inset electric fires uk market. We have never been prouder of a range of fires.

You will not see what goes on behind the glass of the fire but our inset electric fires only show what you need to see. The flame effect on the rear glass gives the visuals other inset electrics uk can only dream of. The LED lights shine a deep orange colour that radiates throughout the fire. The underbed LEDs produce a vibrant glow that covers the base of the inset electric fire and is almost a lifetime away from the old effect found on electric fires that info is found on

The New Forest electric fire was designed and developed using the best and most advanced technologies currently available to us for inset electric fires. A full research and development journey took the wall inset electric fires through a number of challenges and one that always gave our design team a great sense of achievement. For the first time in an electric fire we have taken the design right back to our routes. Our head office in Christchurch boarders the New Forest national park which is where our thinking evolved to when we wanted to showcase the logs. The detail on each and every log on the wall inset electric fire is perfected by the earthy colours. Never before have real natural products been used to create a deeply rich platform for the logs to sit on. You will find a mixture of coconut husk and bark which embraces the LED lights emitted from the electric fire which offers the most realistic flame LED flame effect on an electric inset fires.

What brings together each part of the fire and creates the most realistic flame effect in an inset electric fires uk is the advanced two way mirrored rear glass. This was one of the cleverest pieces of the design we integrated in to the fire which gives a deep and vibrant look to the fire. The clever two-way mirrored glass captures each and every log and does not lose any of the sharpness. The thought process in pairing the logs and positioning them in from of glass ended up being the finished article for the base of the inset electric fires uk and now we have a product that oozes quality, performance and character.

Leading the market with advanced technology has always been a passion of ours at British Fires. From day one when we first launched electric fires into the market using the tools we had at the time we have progressed every area of electric fires and have created one of the most realistic flame effects in the market. With the advancement of LED’s in the market, electric inset fires have never looked so real and stylish. With the look of the fire developing over the past years, it only made sense to concentrate on the heater on the inset electric fires uk as well. Something we were always finding was that customers did not like the traditional grille you see with a lot of the fires in the market as this made the overall appearance seem unsightly. Taking the fire back to its bare metal and how a heater was positioned in the fire, we were able to create a heater in the electric fire inset that has not been seen in the market before.  Air Curtain Technology was born and has been able to combine a sleek hidden heater, but whilst still offering a wide distribution of heat into the room. We have been able to make the heater system a feature of the fire and stretch it right the way across the front of the inset electric fire. With more and more demand for quality, we are proud to be able to offer our customers this new and revolutionary heater with our wall inset fires.

Whilst we aim to always provide our customers with the best products available to us, we are always looking at ways to continuously improve. Searching for new styles, ideas and exploring new areas of electric inset fires the journey will expand to new dimensions that will evolve the electric fire market. Our team who are dedicated to the research and development will always be on the look out on ways to transform and grow our product range so our customers homes can thrive with new styles of electric inset fires. We have been able to offer market leading wall inset electric fires, electric stoves and full electric suites which all offer a quality focal point for our customers. Trends and styles in the home are always changing but a fireplace is in the hearts of the British people who share the same love for a centre piece in the home as we do. Continuously growing our products and leading inspirations for customers is our number one aim and customers can be sure to see some exciting new products in the future which will set the bench mark again for electric fires.

The path for electric fires is bright and we are lucky enough to supply some of the best fireplace shops in the UK. Our network of exclusive retailers all specialise in fires and fireplaces and have experience to offer our customers a high level of service. Every living room is different and customers requirements will vary, so being able to adapt and offer a flexible outlook is important. Our range of inset electric fires can be viewed on display in retailers’ showrooms where they will be happy to demonstrate the fires features and benefits whilst discussing the how to achieve the best possible installation scenario for each and every customer.

Inspiration plays a big factor when deciding what fire to choose. Our social media accounts are where we let our minds loose and delve deeper into the world of trends and fashion. Keeping up with all thinks modern helps our electric fires thrive in a market which can sometime be conservative. Colours, shapes, sizes, materials and fabric all keep us on our toes and when we see a splash of lavender purple trending one week or a slice of split slate tiles we show how versatile our inset electric fires and stoves can be, all with some imagination. We have learnt over the years that it is the little things that matter. So, when we choose to install either the electric inset fire with the Forest View fuel bed or the Diamond light, be sure to know that this will be powerful match for the entire living room and other pieces that complete a wonderful and exciting space to enjoy with all friends and family.

Getting the most from the fire can be sometimes confusing with so many features and different things for customers to have to think about. Our market research gave us the direction to making the interaction with the electric fires as simple as possible. We developed a remote handset with a clear LCD screen and buttons which show exactly what function they represent and engage with the fire swiftly. Once the fire is installed the remote handset with be the only thing that you will be interacting with the most so keeping the remote stylish and with a quality feel to it finished off the inset electric fires uk with an overall trend appeal making them the number one product to choose in the market.






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