New Forest Inset Fires

Discover our unmatched style and quality with Inset Electric Fires – inspired by the beauty of the New Forest National Park



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New Forest Inset Fires

Discover our unmatched style and quality with Inset Electric Fires – inspired by the beauty of the New Forest National Park

Inset Inspiration

Located on England’s beautiful south coast is the New Forest National Park – the inspiration of our electric fireplaces.

The New Forest covers 219 mi² and is home to many parks, farms, golf courses, and outdoor activities.

Today, the New Forest is populated mostly by birch, beech, conifers and oak trees. There are also vast areas of heathland due to cultivation from the Bronze Age and prior which gives the National Park its unique terrain and geography.

This diverse makeup of the New Forest is what gave us the inspiration to design the Forest View fuel bed setting that comes standard with every fireplace.

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The New Forest inset product range










Upgrade your fuel bed view and enhance your fireside experience with Deluxe Real Logs.

Immerse yourself in the authenticity of a burning fire by cherishing the natural detail of real logs.

This not only creates an authentic look and ambience, but also elevates the interaction between the mesmerizing flame-effect and the fuel bed.

Experience the best of British Fires with our Deluxe Real Logs, available for all models

While Deluxe Real Logs are standard for the Knightwood, Holbury, and Hinton models, they require an additional purchase for all New Forest models.

Experience the best of British Fires with our Deluxe Real Logs, available for all models

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Experience the future of Inset Electric Fires with British Fires

The New Forest range by British Fires represents a harmonious combination of innovation and the natural beauty of the New Forest National Park.

Our inset electric fires are a testament to our dedication to quality, boasting a flame effect and heat distribution that set new industry standards. The New Forest range is not just a product, but a piece of art, offering a mesmerising flame effect that is enhanced by the latest LED technology and a bed of authentic materials that bring the fires to life.
Inspired by the rugged beauty of the New Forest, each electric fire in our range is a masterpiece, reflecting the colours and textures of the natural world.

The meticulous design process has yielded an electric fire with unparalleled realism, where every log and ember is carefully positioned to maximise the visual effect. The two-way mirrored glass technology we’ve employed captures and amplifies the depth and detail. British Fires’ attention to detail brings the great outdoors into your living room with a touch of luxury.
British Fires is synonymous with excellence. Cultivated through partnerships with the UK’s premier fireplace retailers. Our dedication to providing outstanding products and services is evident in our meticulous selection of partners, ensuring an unmatched level of quality and customer satisfaction.

The New Forest range exemplifies our commitment, offering innovative, stylish inset electric fires designed to enhance any living space. With British Fires customers can expect a legacy of craftsmanship, innovation, and a bespoke approach to home heating solutions. Contact us now and we will get you set up right

Enhance the overall appearance your New Forest Inset Electric Fire.

The Black Edition is a combination of Dark rear glass with Anti-Reflective front glass.

Ignite your imagination

Inset Fires Frequently Asked Questions
Where do I buy this fire

You can only buy the New Forest electric fire from your nearest stockist. Find local stockists here

Are the logs supplied with the fire?

Everything is supplied with the fire for you to create all fuel bed layout.

What is the guarantee with this fire?

All British Fires products are applicable to a 3 year guarantee which registration is required after purchase in our guarantee section on our website.

Where can I buy spare parts for my fire?

Please contact your closest retailer who can provide assistance with this.

Where does the heat come out from?

The heater has been carefully designed into the top of the fire and stretches right the way across in a sleek and discreet style.

What is the best way to install the fire?

Installation is totally up to you. We have designed the New Forest fire so that all scenarios are covered whether you choose to install it 3 sided or front facing, the benefits are all the same.

Can parts be changed in the fire easily?

All parts can be accessed through the front of the fire so you never have to disrupt your installation should you need to change something on the fire.


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